Faculty, Staff and Retiree Giving: The All University Fund Drive

Miranda Divozzo is one of the many students impacted by the AUFD.
She addressed donors at the celebration of the completion of a successful campaign in 2013.

Faculty, staff and retires are among our closest friends at OU. Many choose to support the programs and students that they work with every day or a special project on campus. Giving sets you apart as a leader in the Oakland University community, supports our mission and allows you to make a difference to OU students.

  • NEW this year, Annual Named Scholarships, starting at $1,000, allow you to directly impact the life of a student.
  • President Hynd's office will provide a $0.50 on the dollar match for your AUFD gift, up to a $2,500 match for a $5,000 gift.
  • Your gift may qualify you for recognition societies, special event invitations and more. Many employees are members of our Black & Gold Society, which honors donors at all levels who make a gift for three or more consecutive years.
  • Participation is easy! One-time or ongoing payroll deductions are are an easy way to make a big impact. Or, give online, print a gift form, or learn more about planned giving options.
  • Gifts to OU receive a tax-receipt.

Thank you for making a difference!

Ways to Give

You may direct your gift to the program(s) of your choice - see the gift funds page complete list. For more information, contact us.

Giving online is quick, easy, and secure. Make a one-time gift to the fund of your choice, or set up a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly pledge payment. 

AUFD Online Payroll Deduction is one of the fastest, easiest and most convenient ways to make your gift. With the Online Payroll Deduction form, you are able to:

  • Establish the total amount of your payroll deduction
  • Pick pay period to begin your donation
  • Donate to multiple funds
  • Select the ongoing payroll deduct option - you can “set it and forget it”, and there are no annual forms to fill out. Cancel or modify your deduction at any time.

Prefer to send in your donation? Download and complete this form to send with your donation to:

All-University Fund Drive
Annual Giving
Anibal House
2200 North Squirrel Road
Rochester, MI 48309

Looking to leave a legacy at OU? Download and complete an AUFD Planned Giving Form. Planned gifts include bequests, IRA rollovers, and charitable gift annuities. Contact us for more information.

List of Funds

AUFD Co-Chairs

Kevin Corcoran, Ph.D.

Like so many of you, I’ve been richly rewarded by the opportunity to spend my life working in higher education. My own college education was financially supported by donors I will never know. So, it is my pleasure to join in the OU tradition of investing financially in our great University. Your contribution and mine can help build on the rich foundation of Matilda Dodge Wilson whose example of generosity inspires us all.

In a poem written by Anne Campbell in honor of Matilda includes the lines,

“To serve the poor and hopeless is her gift;
Courage, and the unselfish will to lift
The broken-hearted to felicity;
Her gentle patience, her warm sympathy;
These are her priceless treasures”

In following Mrs. Wilson’s example, we provide the opportunity for another generation of students to “aspire to rise."

-Kevin Corcoran
Professor and Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Buck Dillon, Ph.D.

I joined Oakland University in the summer of 1987. Thus, OU, and especially the Accounting program, have been a very important part of my life for over 27 years.

I have always felt that learning does not end when a class session ends. Accordingly, I worked to provide professional development and maturity experiences for my students, in particular by supporting student professional organizations. I wanted to recognize the many students who have been so active in those organizations. That is why my wife and I endowed the Dillon Accounting Student Leadership Scholarship.

I want to support OU and see it become ever more recognized as a truly high-quality educational institution.

-Buck Dillon
Professor of Accounting

Ellen Keaton

Oakland University has been my home away from home for the past 29 years. I have participated in the All-University Fund Drive from the beginning.

When I started at OU, I was introduced to the Women of Oakland by my best friend and coworker, Rose Smith. The Women of Oakland has several funds to choose from. Once of my favorites is the scholarship fund that is awarded yearly to women who are attending Oakland and pursing a degree to better themselves economically for their family.

It doesn't matter how much I give. I give what I can afford and if a lot of us give a little, that little becomes a lot.

-Ellen Keaton
Academic Records Coordinator, Office of the Registrar

Shaun Moore

I give back to Oakland University for a couple different reasons. First of all, my wife, who is also an OU employee, has inspired me to be more giving. She is a very compassionate and selfless person and has opened my eyes to the benefits of philanthropy.

Secondly, I truly enjoy working and studying here. I have obtained all of my degrees from OU, and I recently finished my coursework for my Ph.D. program. This university is a second home to me, and giving back is the least I can do for all I've gained over the years.

-Shaun Moore
Manager of Support Services, E-Learning and Instructional Support

Kathleen Moore, Ph.D.

The All-University Fund Drive (AUFD) is an opportunity for faculty, staff, and OU retirees to have an additional, lasting impact on the lives of our students. The OU student experience can be enhanced by your contributions to scholarships, research support, study abroad programs, and/or hundreds of other student-centered choices.

Since I started at OU in 1980, there have been many changes on campus: newer buildings, larger trees, many more academic programs. However, one thing remains unchanged—Oakland University makes a significant difference in the lives of its students. I was honored to be a small part of that as a faculty member; I am pleased to continue that support as a retiree.

-Kathleen Moore
Retired Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Professor of Chemistry

Pat Nicosia

Each year employees and retirees have the opportunity to make a gift to Oakland University. As a retiree of the University I look forward to this opportunity because we can designate our gift to the programs we care most about and know there is a 50% match available to increase the impact of our support. Most importantly, it makes a statement that we care about the university.

Depending on personal circumstances the amount of each gift will vary, but it is vital that all of us show support during the AUFD. With reduced state support, it is essential for the university to increase donations and we can all help in that endeavor.

I encourage all faculty and staff to contribute to the AUFD and support the area that matters most to you.

-Pat Nicosia
Retired Director, Budget and Financial Planning

AUFD Volunteers

The All-University Fund Drive is supported by a network of volunteers across campus. Team captains and leaders tell own stories about why they support OU, educate their team mates about the AUFD and answering questions about the philanthropy process and its importance on campus.

To find your team captain and leader, please select your school or unit below. While most areas are represented by a team leader, some still need volunteers! Contact the Office of Annual Giving at (248) 370-4504 if you are interested in volunteering as a team leader.

College of Arts & Sciences

Development, Alumni and Community Relations

Finance and Administration

Meadow Brook Hall

OUWB School of Medicine

President's Office

School of Business Adminstration

School of Education and Human Services

School of Engineering and Computer Science

School of Health Sciences

School of Nursing

Student Affairs

 AUFD Spotlight on Tareva Saunders

Name: Tareva A. Saunders

Major: Occupational Safety and Health

Graduation: April 2015

Hometown: Flint, Michigan

Why did you pick OU? It felt like home. It wasn't so big that I felt like I would be just another number. Everyone I encountered was so helpful and friendly.

Do you live on campus? I have lived on campus in Hamlin, Fitzgerald, and the University Student Apartments. I currently commute from Flint.

Do you work while going to school? If so, tell us about that work. Yes, I currently work for the Valley Area Agency on Aging as a Case Assistant for their Care Transitions program. My main responsibilities are data entry and quality control.

What is your favorite OU tradition? It’s a tie between the basketball trip to IPFW (Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne) and the Meadow Brook Ball.

How are you funding your education? Scholarships and paying out of pocket.

How have scholarships impacted you? At times, I have worked two or three jobs to fund my education. Scholarships have made it easier to focus on my classes since I don't have to work as much.

What is the best thing about OU? The best thing about OU is the support system. Staff, faculty, and students are very helpful. I have collected a lot of mentors along the way.

What student organizations and/or sports are you involved in? I am involved with the Grizz Gang, Student to Professional Conference, and the American Society for Safety Engineers.

Is there any other thing that you can tell us about your experience at OU and how donors have impacted your education or experience? Donors have made a huge impact on my OU experience. I think donor contributions have a key impact on helping OU stay current in providing the best facilities, technology, and education so students like me can have a competitive edge in the workforce. 

Spotlight Funds:

Annual Named Scholarships​Annual Named Scholarships give donors the opportunity to impact a student like Tareva through a scholarship of $1,000 or more. Choose the name and whether it will be a need-based scholarship or merit-based scholarship within a chosen school of college. Donations can be broken up over a 12-month period through credit card pledge or payroll deduct. For more information, contact giving@oakland.edu or (248) 370-4504.



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NEW this year, Annual Named Scholarships, starting at $1,000, allow you to directly impact the life of a student.